Monday, July 27, 2009

Teaching? Me??

Okay - I have been approached (coerced, blackmailed) by my local bead store and asked to teach a simple RAW project. Moi? Teach? Seriously, girls - you want me to teach? Me? I'm called "The Bad Liz" for a reason, you know. Okay, I have been helping Marcia teach for several years (more than two is several, nicht wahr?) and I really enjoy it. It's helped me learn alot about teaching styles, my teaching capacity, patient but am I ready?

I have an idea for just a simple RAW bracelet and I am started to write instructions without looking at anyone else's on-line or printed samples, coming up with diagrams, ideas, etc. as that would be unethical. Diagrams in powerpoint, export them into Word and putting it all together. What a process. A very important learning experience for me, and it gives me newfound appreciation for all that the "Rock Star Bead Artists" do with their instructions.

I will never know if I am ready unless I try, right? What's the worse that can happen? They will fire me and I will have learned something about myself. Learning something about ones self might be a good idea.

I might have to drive out there after work one night and see if I can make it for a 6pm class .start.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild show at the BBAC

Last night was the opening reception at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center in Birmingham, MI. Several pieces of my bead embroidery and other items were selected to be in this show. It was really nice to see the volume of beadwork that our guild produces - and the quality of all the artists involved. Photos were not allowed, but I didn't know if I was going to get back up to the show (it's about 45 minutes north of where I live), so I took some. I guess I really can't follow the rules.

I was completely blown away when I saw that my Soraksan Dragon was selected to be in the show poster at the entrance to the DeSalle gallery. What an honour!

The collection of religious icons looks stunning arranged this way on this wall. I might have to rethink the arrangement that I have at home - although they look good in a row over the sofa.
This is the starfish that was chosen by the editors of the 2010 Beading Calendars as first-place submission. It looks wonderful on a piece of amythest that was brought back from Ontario, Canada.

MySchloss Neuschwanstein looked so tiny in my eyes, but several people came up and told me that they loved the castle - the way I did the background with the canvas, etc.
Casie on the Rocks is the bead embroidery piece of my oldest Rat Terrier(ist) - Casie is just now starting to show her age and this piece captures her in her youth when climbing over rocks was not a big deal.

And a closeup of Soraksan on the wall. The way that they light is poised above it really makes the colours in the dragon pop. I love this piece.

I took a few other pictures and hope to get back and take a few more before the show ends on August 21st. I didn't join this show to sell anything, but if I do, that's a bonus. It's exciting to have things that I have in my home arranged professionally in a gallery. It was exciting to hear people talk about my pieces, how well they liked them, how the execution is wonderful, etc.

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Stuff

I have finished a couple of projects recently. The first being the Davida Bracelet by Amy Katz. Amy did a wonderful job of putting this kit together, the instructions were easy to read and understand and the finished project is stunning. Knowing me, I made one adaptation - I changed the pale green rivolis for an olivine rivoli that goes with more of my wardrobe. The bracelet is a spiraling herringbone. It's stunning. My other piece is this necklace - an adaptation of a Maria Rypan lariat. Actually and honestly, take the word "adaptation" out and insert "Liz can't read patterns" I was adding 6 beads instead of 5 and I really do like the way it works. Add a focal bead that I purchased at Stony Creek Beads in Ypsilanti (note to self - find artist name) and a new necklace was born.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Convo me.....

...what does this me? When googling the phrase, I learned that it means to have a conversation with someone - on line, text or a call back...

But "Convo me if you need more information"? No - I don't conversation you but:

  • I will call you

  • I will email you

  • I will text you

  • I will meet you

But I won't convo you.

(Or do I just need to get with the program?)

Monday, July 13, 2009

July Camping and another dog story

How many of you remember this Stinky Dog Story?

Guess who found a skunk again? One guess. Yup, Chloe.....

What we learned:
1. Tawas, Michigan is still in the wilds. It's not the city of Tawas.
2. Dogs don't remember what happened the last time they chased the black and white kitty.
3. Husbands don't remember what happened the last time they let Chloe out at night without a leash.
4. Chloe is on a leash before the doors open.
5. You don't get used to the smell of skunks.
6. Dawn dishwashing pads, vinegar and water douche, and baking soda do a damn good job of getting the stink out of the dog.

Vacation photos are on Facebook